Reasons to Not Be Afraid of Getting a Hearing Aid
Hearing Aid Customers from around the Internet and World Chime in on their experiences with their Hearing Aids.

"I will always consider my digital Hearing Aids to be my best friends because they allow me to function so much better in the world. Put your fears aside and be glad we live in a time of such great technology. Our parents just had to suffer" (FREE Online Hearing Test)

"Hi! I am a hard-of-hearing woman who has worn two Hearing Aids all for all of her life. Whenever I have to go to the audiologist for new Hearing Aids they love to see me because I'm happy to be there, most people are cranky and only go because their family members make them. I'm so grateful that these Hearing Aids help me function. Without the Hearing Aids I simply would not be able to get by in the hearing world. I will never forget this time I walked into a grocery store after buying my new pair of Hearing Aids, better quality Hearing Aids than I'd been able to afford before (affordable Hearing Aids), and hearing that they played music in Public! Who knew! It will take a little while to adjust to your new Hearing Aids if your hearing is poor because you will suddenly hear everything. Hang in there! Eventually it won't be so chaotic and you'll be able to appreciate what you can hear with your new Hearing Aids. At some point my hearing will worsen (FREE Online Hearing Test), and then I'll embrace the deaf culture. For now, I have a choice. "

"I love my Hearing Aid. It helps me catch conversations in restaurants and bars, places I couldn't communicate before. I can now hear more music and my Hearing Aids are great at concerts. I recently went to a concert and put my hands on the stage to feel the chords. With my Hearing Aids, enough of the voices got through to make it a beautiful experience. I was afraid at first the performers would be angry but they were pleased and flattered. They let me put my hand on their chests and sang to me after the show. It was lovely.

Here's a funny story from when I first got my Hearing Aid. I was grading papers (I'm a professor) and I hear a Darth Vader type noise. I held my breath to concentrate and it disappeared! Oh well.

I went back to grading and I heard it again! I was really scared being alone in the house, so I got up to investigate. Now, not only do I hear rasping, but a rustling too! I walk all over the house, getting more and more freaked out until I realize: DUH! With my new Hearing Aids I'm hearing my own breathing and my clothes rubbing together. What an idiot! I laughed my butt off at myself. It had been so long since I heard that I didn't remember it. These Hearing Aids will help you hear sounds that you have forgotten that even existed! You and your friends will love Hearing Aids. "