In the Ear Hearing Aid Accessories

The following accessories are specifically for In-The-Ear type of hearing aids. Lloyds is an excellent source for In-The-Ear hearing aid parts and accessories regardless of the make or model of instrument. Most accessories for ITE aids are concerned with cleaning and maintenance. Keeping the aid clean and free of earwax will greatly reduce the need for repairs. Our Cleaning Kit includes many items helpful to keep an instrument in good working order.

Lloyds can get most any hard-to-find items as well. We work with all major Hearing Aid manufacturers and service labs. Other items useful for In-The-Ear hearing aids can be found in the General Hearing Aid Accessories catagory as well.

Ear Wax Brush Cleaner
Vent Hole Cleaner
Ear Wax Pick
Multi-Use Cleaning Tool
In The Ear Cleaning Kit