General Hearing Aid Accessories
The following accessories can be used for any type of hearing aid. Lloyds is an excellent source for a wide variety of hearing aid parts and accessories regardless of the make or model of instrument, no matter where you may have purchased it. The items listed here are important in keeping hearing aids in excellent working order. Several items can make your listening experience more pleasant with less hassles. Lloyds prides itself upon our ability to get most any hard-to-find items as well. We work with all major Hearing Aid Manufacturers and service labs. Other specific items useful for certain types of hearing aids might be found in their respective Hearing Aid Accessories categories as well.

Twin-Pack Battery Case and Chain
Battery checker/holder keychain
Hearing Aid Carrying Pouch
Hard Case
Earmold Air Blower
RC-2 Remote Control
Phone Clip+ Bluetooth Remote
TV-2 Wireless TV Streamer