Fusion FS Body Aid

Product Details:

Analog 1-Channel Body Aid

For Severe to Profound Hearing Losses

The Fusion FS Body Aid is one of the strongest hearing aids Lloyds offers. With 80dB of gain, this analog aid can be fitted to someone with a profound degree of hearing loss. When a user needs this much volume, many of the super high-powered Behind-The-Ear aids will cause feedback, or squealing, when turned up. This results in the user having to turn the volume down from its maximum level in order to be able to wear the BTE hearing aid. Body Aids are a solution to this aggravating problem. The "box" part of the aid is worn in a shirt pocket and has a cord leading up to the ear. There is a part called the Receiver ("speaker") that's at the other end of that cord and that's what is worn in the ear along with a custom earmold. This configuration of Speaker and Hearing Aid provides a much greater distance between these parts, which means the volume produced by the Receiver can be turned up much higher before the sound reaches back to the microphone pickup of the Body Aid (in the pocket).

This Fusion FS Body Aid has a modern, lightweight case design, has a black cord and receiver, large controls for those with dexterity issues, a built-in telecoil, a direct input socket (if you want to plug directly into a radio or TV), a reversible clip for the pocket, and two trimpots (tone and AGC) for fine tuning. Body Aids can generally cost up to about $1,000 in many local offices or clinics. This is an excellent price for extremely high powered amplification

  • 30" straight cord (3-pin)
  • Receiver
  • Body Aid Connector
  • 3 mushroom inserts (S,M,L)
  • 1 AA battery
  • Storage Case
  • Instruction booklet
Max. SSPL90......140 dB

Av. Full-on Gain....80dB

Freq. Range.......130 - 3800 Hz


Trimpots.............tone & AGC-O

All new hearing aids come with:
 Free Domestic Shipping
 1 Year parts and labor warranty
 Free setting or programming if the hearing aid requires over the lifetime of the hearing aid
 45 Day Trial Period
The product is no longer available for purchase.

*2nd year Loss & Damage warranty includes: 
  • 1st year Loss & Damage
  • 2nd year Parts & Labor
  • 2nd year Loss & Damage

    *All Loss & Damage claims require a deductible payment. *Not all products are eligible for Loss & Damage coverage. Available warranty coverage is listed in the orderable option

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Fusion FS Body Aid 5 stars out of 5 based on 21 user reviews.
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by Brent A. on August, 23 2023 Fusion FS Body Aid Had a sudden hearing loss a few weeks ago. Am now using Analog Hearing Aid that I purchased from Lloyds. With a profound loss I do get a bit of speech and other sounds while wearing the aid. Tinnitus is lessened too.

I can safely say Lloyds has met and exceeded my expectations.

By the way, been Hard of Hearing since I was 8 and had measles. Now 73, went through 3 Oticon P11Ps. Unfortunately that aid is no longer being made. Have tried and tested high power digital aids. None of the available units give me any better usable speech recognition than the much lower costing analog.
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by louise on February, 09 2021 Fusion FS Body Aid I had a 1975 oticon model p11p...Was not working right. I talked to a person working here about this model..Said it will work,might have to change some setting on it..Took it out of box and put a battery in it.WORKS BEAUIFUL...I can hear again. 5
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by louise . on July, 29 2020 Fusion FS Body Aid 5
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by Ken O. on June, 29 2016 Fusion FS Body Aid Re; Rexton Fusion PP Body Aid from Lloyds.
I am 83 years old and I have been using body hearing aids since the mid 1960s, I realize that this doesn’t make me an expert on hearing aids but it does give me a lot of experience in their use.
I purchased the Rexton Fusion as a spare in case my regular top of the line aid failed but after trying the Rexton, the Rexton has now become my main hearing aid, it has plenty of power, nice tone and I don’t get that annoying feedback squeal when I turn up the power… I like it.
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by Larry R. on January, 30 2016 Fusion FS Body Aid I purchased the Rexton Fusion PP+ hearing aid for my 94 year old father as a replacement for his behind the ear type hearing aid. The Rexton hearing aid works very well for my father. He keeps the volume setting at about 2, which surprised me since I thought he would need a much higher volume. One of his first comments after using the Rexton was "now I can hear my own voice". I think being able to hear his own voice helps him with his speech. Dad keeps the Rexton fusion in his front shirt pocket and that seems to work for him. He can easily control the sound level and turn the hearing aid on and off.

My Father was having difficulty putting the behind the ear aid with molded ear piece into his ear and he often complained that it hurt his ear. The new Rexton receiver with mushroom ear tip easily slides into his ear. In addition, I ordered the y-cord, two receivers, two body aid connectors and various sizes of mushroom ear tips.

I am very satisfied with the Rexton Fusion PP+.

Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by Joseph L. on August, 29 2014 Fusion FS Body Aid The body aid has put me back in touch with the world! The BTE aids were no longer sufficient, but I was doing my best. The custom molds make them fit comfortably. What a difference! 5
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by Dorothy H. on November, 14 2011 Fusion FS Body Aid The Body Aid hearing aid is working great from my husband and thank you so much for your prompt service. I appreciate your e-mails and help in selecting this aid. My husband is legally deaf without this hearing aid. Thanks again. 5
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by Ralph on September, 19 2011 Fusion FS Body Aid Just a note to let you know I got the confirmation from FedEx for the order. Thank you very much for getting it out on such short notice. It will make my mother's weekend much more relaxed and enjoyable for her. I wish she could hear better on the phone to thank you herself, she would love how you witness in your business; unfortunately not very common any more. I have let several people know of your business; not only because your pricing allows them to obtain help they otherwise would not be able to afford, but because you have also always been a pleasure to do business with. Keep up the witness, much success to you, Ralph
p.s. if you put a bunch of business cards in the envelope with the cords when you send them, I'll pass them around here for you.
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by María Luisa . on March, 18 2011 Fusion FS Body Aid Comentare lo siguiente. El audifono que compre es excelente, muy comodo
y muy practico, me llego en tiempo y forma. Recomiendo ampliamente el producto y la atención recibida. Gracias
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by MARSHA L. on February, 02 2011 Fusion FS Body Aid I bought this hearing aid for my 85 year old dad. He was able to hear very well with it! We have tried several other brands and styles, but none worked as well as this one has. It is definitely worth every penny we paid for it. 5
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by Matthew J. on November, 17 2010 Fusion FS Body Aid The aid does what the ad said it would. I feel that there should have more discription of what it can do and how to do it. 5
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by MICHAEL E. on July, 07 2010 Fusion FS Body Aid I have been wearing BTE aids for years (since 1981) was time to get new aid in a couple months & decided to try the Body Aid. Was very surprised at the quality of this aid,, & the power i am able to use is much more useful than any BTE i ever used, am glad to have purchased it, will need to also get a custom mold for it real soon, mushroom inserts did nothing for me...

very satisfied with the Rexton PP Body Aid, will use them for the rest of my life......Michael A., Inglis, FL
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by GORDON J. on November, 16 2009 Fusion FS Body Aid 5
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by Elizabeth E. on July, 29 2009 Fusion FS Body Aid Just wanted to say this is the best hearing aid I have ever purchased!!!It's powerful enough for me,much better understanding and hardly any feedback.I just LOVE it!!!Thanks soooo much!!! 5
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by Gary . on May, 02 2009 Fusion FS Body Aid I bought it for my 92 year old Father. I and he could not be more pleased. 5
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by Quan . on February, 10 2009 Fusion FS Body Aid I purchased a body aid for my mom. She is very happy with the sound quality. To her, it sounds similar to digital BTE that she tried before. We also ordered a soft ear mold. That works perfect too.
Thanks for the service here.
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by bill . on February, 09 2009 Fusion FS Body Aid I have tried this hearing devise for several days but unfortunately it does not meet my expectations....I will be calling soon to return this hearing aide. Looks like I will need something more...perhaps a pair of siemens. 5
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by michael j. on January, 29 2009 Fusion FS Body Aid I have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. my mother had these very old hearing aids that simply did not work. She kept getting denied by Medicaid for new ones for reasons that the hearing aid doctor did not know how to complete the paperwork correctly. In desperation I looked for cheap methods to help my mother hear. She is profoundly deaf. We found the Rexton Fusion PP. From the moment I put them in her ears she could hear and she was amazed at what she was missing all these years. A nurse at her nursing home wanted the website as she wants to get a hearing aid for her father. 5
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by michelle on August, 15 2007 Fusion FS Body Aid I should have ordered this aid years ago. I had the nicest conversation with a friend ...I heard almost every word she said. It comes thru clear. I also wanted to comment on the wonderful costumer service Lloyds gives you. They go out of their way to make things right for you. 5
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by Roy Mallette on June, 13 2007 Fusion FS Body Aid An excellent aid for severe hearing loss. Less expensive than the digitals which do not compare with this aid. I will be buyng another for a spare. 5
Fusion FS Body Aid Reviewed by Terrance D. on January, 19 2021 Fusion FS Body Aid The body was great with sufficient power. I do need to get the full ear molds made as the receiver kept the ear dome from entering the ear canal as deeply as needed. Other than that I've been pleased with the volume and clarity of the aid. 4