Mushroom Inserts

Product Details:

Mushroom inserts are ear pieces to be used in conjunction with any Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aid or Body Aid. Lloyds carries six different sizes of mushroom inserts, assuring that we have one that will work for virtually everyone's ears. On a BTE hearing aid, the mushroom inserts mount onto a right angle part we call 'Core & Tubing'.  It should not be used with curved tubing, as "L" shaped adatper is required for a secure fit. The core and short piece of tubing attach up to an elbow, or earhook, of a BTE hearing aid. The core and short tubing are sold together as a combination part.  All sizes of our mushroom inserts fit onto the core. On Body Hearing Aids the mushroom insert fits onto a piece we call a 'Body Aid Connector' - this connector snaps onto the receiver (speaker) at the end of the cord of a Body Hearing Aid.


Many people use mushroom inserts as their permanent ear piece in place of custom Earmolds or Snap-Tips. They should be changed every 4-6 months, or as needed. The mushroom inserts are made from a soft, rubbery, plastic. An assortment of sizes come standard with every Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aid and Body Hearing Aid we sell (at no extra cost) so a person can wear these aids right out of the box. The mushroom inserts are not vented. Also, if a person is utilizing an extremely high-powered BTE hearing aid, there is a possibility that the mushroom inserts may not provide enough of an airtight seal in the ear required to effectively block feedback.


Sizing Guide (diameter of the domed part):

  • X-Small:  8mm
  • Small:  10mm
  • Medium Small:  11mm
  • Medium:  12mm
  • Large:  14mm
  • X-Large: 16mm


*Note:  These tips are not replacement tips for open-fit or receiver-in-canal BTE's, and they will not fit on those types of BTE aids.

PRICE: $2.50


(Items sold separately.)