Core And Tubing

Product Details:

Core and Tubing is a combination part used to 1) mount Lloyds Mushroom Inserts and 2) connect those earplugs to a Behind-The-Ear hearing aid. The Tubing attaches to any make or model of Behind-The-Ear hearing aid by means of slipping about 1/4 inch of the Tubing over the end of the curved Elbow, or Earhook, of the BTE aid. All Elbows have a flanged ridge that grabs hold of the Tubing to keep that short, Straight Tubing securely in place. The Core is a small plastic right angle piece. One arm of the Core attaches to the Tubing; the other arm is the mount for the Mushroom Inserts. All five sizes of Lloyds Mushroom Inserts are designed to mount onto the Core.

Not for use with custom earmolds!

PRICE: $2.00


(Items sold separately.)